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Fifteen | London, United Kingdom | Questioning Reality


  • Kashish


    just a simple girl who is trying to figure out how cosmology is related to a tiny fish swimming in the vastness of some ocean :)

  • Honor Gleason

    Honor Gleason

    Woman, Mom, wife (3rd times a charm), Educator, Librarian, LGBTQ and equal human rights affirming covenant theology messy realistic Jesus follower

  • Jim Mason

    Jim Mason

    Studies language, cognition, and humans as social animals. Also does wordworking and sells no-cost insurance for lucky accidents.

  • Danielhasandiaz


  • Hermes Solenzol

    Hermes Solenzol

    UCLA professor. Neuroscientist doing research on pain. Writes about science, philosophy, politics and kinky sex.

  • Alejandra Balcazar

    Alejandra Balcazar

  • Gustavo Zomer

    Gustavo Zomer

    Founder at Instantly.Design. Teaching machines how to be creative.

  • Eric Roos

    Eric Roos

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